IDENTITY – strategy and identity development up to engineered materialized environment

Olaf Hussein - curved gallery
Birkenstock Pop-Up
COEF Eindhoven - an interior landscape
Ace & Tate Amsterdam
Lumi3re - commercial dadaism
Confetti - accessible edge
Roladin - hospitality monolith
Toni Loco Pizza – juxtaposing square, diagonal and circle
Prouvé RAW - contemporary extension of the Jean Prouvé portfolio
COEF Leiden - soft modernism
Precinct 5 store – homage to impermanence
G-Star Raw Pavilion - the light side of Raw

SCALE-UP – translation of brand identity to physical identity, roll-out strategy and execution

COEF Men Premium
G-Star Global Retail Roll-out
G-Star Global Flagship Stores
Secrid Brandstore Rotterdam

ACCOMODATION – spaces combining freedom of use with a strong expression of identity

Olaf Hussein HQ - continuous adaptation
Formo Berlin - office laboratory
Houseboat interior - Industrial elegance
G-Star Raw Headquarters – the workplace as a canvas for creativity
House of Performance
G-Star global showrooms

BRAND LAB – temporary environments for brand exploration, activation and connection

Columbia customization – the fun of violence
G-Star Global Expo Concepts
Bugaboo Kind & Jugend Expo
RAW shows & events

MATERIALIZATION – research and development of bold material realities

Concrete and stone